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You were my everything. #JLJH
Tuesday, September 13, 2016

I had it all planned out.
Your gift, a surprise trip and so much love for you from the depths of my heart. 

You shamed me online, you told everyone how much of a bitch I am and you never even wanted to keep any slight amount of hope for us, for our relationship and for our love.

I know you're in love with another girl and right now, all I want is for you to be happy. 

Friday, July 29, 2016

還以為 你就是我的答案
想不到 你只是我的片段
當你離開 黑夜帶走了我的天藍

忘不了 你心跳在我耳畔
兩個人 在風中十指糾纏
滿心期待 你和我說好的未來

為何留不住 你手心的溫暖
為何想不起 我原來的勇敢
命運太草率 讓我們相遇又分開

那些美好 還刻畫在心坎
我能擁抱的 卻只剩遺憾
思念太長 然而幸福太短

難道路 到最後 都要轉彎
難道愛 快樂後 必須心酸
萬水千山 到哪裡才能不再孤單

這世界 我只願與你相愛
告訴我 誰能讓時間倒轉
我們的愛 是不是真的回不來

為何留不住 你手心的溫暖
為何想不起 我原來的勇敢
命運太草率 讓我們相遇又分開

那些美好 還刻畫在心坎
我能擁抱的 卻只剩遺憾
思念太長 然而幸福太短

思念太長 然而幸福太短

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

It is December 2015!

I can't believe that my previous post was way back dated a year ago...

What have life done to me? I have lost my zeal in writing due to the setbacks I had faced in 2014 due to my viral posts and the constant need to show my best to the world.

This blog is still as precious to me because it is where all my milestones in life were recorded since year 2008. 

I can never bear to let go of this space. 

2015 was not a very good year for me, to be honest. But it has made me grown and matured tremendously and I feel very very independent now with no qualms of setting any expectations on anyone, except for myself anymore. 

I won't go into details because I don't see the need to but I would consider coming back into this space to document my travelogues because it is just amazing to share travel memories with everyone! 

Till the next time guys! 

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The title may sound really attention seeking but this is going to be my last post for... Forever. 

I started this blog in 2008 and it held many memories as I documented the passing of my most beloved late-grandfather. 

My blog has walked me through many events and moments with no readers to 1-2 readers to hundreds and thousands of readers today.

But as the year of 2014 ends, I am saying goodbye to blogging forever. 

I'm going to turn 25 in 2015 and a quarter of my life has passed. I've seen A LOT, I've encountered A LOT and mostly, I have learnt A LOT. 

The main reason I am saying goodbye is due to the fact that I am tired. Tired of what? Tired that the world is turning into a place so ugly now.

I don't even scroll through Twitter every morning like the daily newspaper anymore. I don't even like tweeting anymore. 

The menses lady post earlier in the year made me opened my eyes to a lot of things. 

Whatever you write online can really ruin you. 

There is so much going on in the world every second.
Planes disappeared, planes crashed, flooding and natural disasters happening. Here in Singapore, are we all only worried about how the NN-XX-GC-SMRT saga is going to end? Will exposing/reading people's dirt online be able to bring you 3 meals on the table and let you have a good night sleep? (Not taking sides on the whole saga and pretty much can't be bothered too)

The ugliness happening all around really saddens me a lot and I am not trying to look like a saint here but I am just going to vomit out whatever is in my head.

Whatever we do online now gets judged really harshly. 

I'll just stick to scrolling through Facebook to be updated of my friend's lives, scrolling through Instagram to ogle at eye candies and cute babies and good food! 
It's scary that people check in at wakes/funerals now and post photos of their kin's dead bodies online.. No longer do people know what they should keep offline. Followers, likes, visitors, advertorials, sponsors.... Are these all that matters now? 

I no longer have the need to want to be "known" anymore. 

From today onwards, I will quit blogging. No more blog updates anymore. 

I have chosen the route to become unknown instead.

Bits and pieces of updates will still happen on Dayre, Instagram and Facebook. 

Other than that, JoleneSnow will no longer be a blogger anymore. 

Goodbye everyone & thank you for being with me on my blogging journey all along. 

Behind the glamour.

" JoleneSnow♥
Who says a wayward kid will stay wayward forever? ™
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